At EO Beauty, we carefully select high quality products that are especially formulated to meet the demanding needs of clients living in the tropical climate of Singapore. Quality is our top priority so all brands we use are environmentally safe, cruelty free and sensibly priced.

Comfort Zone

[ Comfort Zone ] was launched in 1996 as the skincare division of the Davines Group, which was founded in 1983 in Italy. It’s founder Dr Bollati is a qualified chemist who valued extensive research and utilization of nature’s most efficacious ingredients in the development of [ Comfort Zone ] proprietary formulations.

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Natural Look

Australian manufactured and owned since the early 1950s, Natural Look produces depilatory waxes that are of superior quality. Blended with essential oils, titanium dioxide and mica, not only are these waxes soothing and safe for sensitive skin, they are also effective for long lasting hair removal.

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Depilieve is the leading brand in the world for professional waxing systems used in over 120 countries worldwide. Their hair removal methods and waxes guarantee an almost-painless session time after time.

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