Although the smallest feature on the face, eyebrows play an utmost important role in enhancing ones appearance.

Here at EO Beauty Work, we never just remove the excess hair; we offer a complimentary consultation on the best eyebrow shape for our clientele. not only should eyebrows look neat, they should be suitable and proportionate to the shape and features on your face. Having a pair of well-groomed brows always compliments your sharper features and downplay the flaws.


Shaping brows with wax is a precision work of art. It takes patience, skills and a keen eye to create a shape that suits you perfectly. The brow Gurus at EO Beauty Work have been creating beautiful and shapely brows for almost 20 years. When someone has been doing something for that long, You know you are in good hands.

Shaping brows with wax ensures that the shape lasts longer. As waxing removes a layer of dead skin, brow bone becomes more prominent and gives somewhat a 3D effect that lifts the brow to make one appear more awake and fresh.